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What mindfulness can do for you

I was looking at the website for finding Peace in a Frantic World, and found this great page that outlines the main benefits of practising mindfulness in a simple way.  And another page with some recordings for those who may need them for practising.  I’m putting these on the Resources page, to pull together some of the useful websites that I’ve found.

Mindful Teachers, Mindful Classrooms

This morning, I was part of the team supporting an “Introduction to Mindfulness” session by Hackney and City Mind, in collaboration with the Mindfulness in Schools Project and Educational Psychology Services at Hackney Learning Trust.  This was an opportunity for those working in schools to find out about how mindfulness can enhance the flourishing of well-being in professional lives, schools and classrooms.

Over thirty participants joined in mindfulness practices and were introduced to the evidence-base for teaching mindfulness in schools.  It was well-received and many were interested in further training in mindfulness, such as the 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) courseContact Holistic Education for further information about Mindfulness Training in Schools and the .b programme.

Hackney and City MINDDot B MISPHackney Learning Trust

Mindfulness Interest Group, Hackney Learning Trust

Hackney Learning Trust

There is a monthly Mindfulness Interest Group at the Hackney Learning Trust.

Today I ran the first Mindfulness Interest Group at the Hackney Learning Trust.  It was brilliant to spend my lunch break discussing and sharing a few mindfulness practices with others.  Some had no experience, and others had done an 8-week course.  Overall, they were keen to have more opportunity to learn about mindfulness at work.

The next session is planned for Tuesday 29th April and the plan is to discuss how best to promote mindfulness in the work place.  We will also explore material from the Peace in a Frantic World book.