Dr Carelse is the author of a children’s book (published in May 2016).

Holistic Education is the work of Dr Bernadette Carelse

It aims to integrate holistic approaches such as mindfulness, yoga and bodywork to enhance awareness of purpose and qualities, such as compassion, friendliness and calmness balanced with energy.

Dr Carelse’s aim is to support the holistic development and awakening of all beings.

She has a wealth of experience of working in schools and educational settings, with families, children, young people, schools staff and other professionals.

She provides mindfulness and yoga training, educational psychology services and therapeutic bodywork as tools to support holistic development and awakening into deeper and more profound experiences of health and wellbeing.

* Introduction to mindfulness for educational psychologists, including trainees.
* Psychological advice and testing for children and young people.
* Expert witness in family law services.
Holistic Education offers:
* Mindfulness training,  including the MBSR and MBCT courses for wellbeing. 
* The .b mindfulness programme for teenagers.
* The MBAT intervention for children and young people with SEND.
Holistic Education offers:
* Yoga classes for all abilities to practice yoga with a holistic mindfulness approach.
* Integral Yoga Courses – yoga with awareness of Ki/Prana  and Buddhist principles and practices.
Holistic Education offers:
* Bodywork therapy sessions: Shiatsu and Chi Nei Tsang.
Samurai Shiatsu Programme for children, schools and families.
Dr Bernadette Carelse