.b Foundations for school staff

.b Foundations was developed by the Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP).

.b Foundations was developed by the Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP).

The .b Foundations course was developed by the Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP).  It consists of eight 90-minute sessions and can be delivered directly to schools to optimise staff access.  The aim is to help schools learn about mindfulness and develop their personal practice of it.

Since being devised in 2012, it has been trialled and found to be effective across over thirty schools in the UK.  For more information on this research, see .b Foundations webpage by MiSP.

In 2014, Dr Bernadette Carelse trained to deliver the .b Foundations to schools.  If you are interested in this training for staff at your school, or simply to find out more, contact Holistic Education.

Download flyer on .b Foundations

CLick here to download a flyer with more information on .b Foundations

Holistic Education provides a 90-minute Introduction to Mindfulness session for schools wanting to learn more about mindfulness.  This teaches the basic principles behind mindfulness and helps to dispell any myths about it.  It is also an opportunity to try out the practice.  Furthermore, it outlines evidence-base for the benefits of engaging with mindfulness, along with the proviso that commitment and patience are required.  For those staff who wish to explore mindfulness further, the eight session .b Foundations training is ideal.

For more information, contact Holistic Education.



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