Holistic Education Services

Holistic Education is a holistic approach to education: Dr Carelse has a wealth of experience and training in a range of modalities. This provides a holistic approach to finding solutions and ways forward to a range of challenges. Some approaches work better in some contexts than others. Feel free to contact Holistic Education for more information about any of the services, courses and training that is offered:

Life Skills can be developed from being in nature, including build skills in observation and attention. One retreat was set in the beautiful Welsh countryside.

Educational Psychology Services: The work of an Educational Psychologist is varied and focused predominantly on investigating what may underlie any difficulty with learning – making progress with essential life skills, including educational ones, such as reading, writing, maths, science. There are also life skills needed, such as being able to pay attention, make sense of social situations and stay calm and regulated in a range of contexts.

These are all skills that can be learnt and if there are any difficulties in these areas, the role of an educational psychologist is to find out why and to find strategies and ways forward so that these skills are developed and improved so that all children and young people can build educational, emotional and social skills to the best of their ability.

Sometimes it is unclear what is getting in the way or even what that ‘potential’ ability might be – we might be making assumptions about what is or is not possible and not know which strategies are the most effective ones to invest in. It is the role of the Educational Psychologist to find all of this out – though consultation, observation, assessment and intervention – to clarify what is is that is possible, build reasonable expectations and outline the steps towards that learning goal.

Mindfulness Training: Mindfulness is a way of paying attention that leads to wellbeing and freedom from


Shiatsu and Chi Nei Tsang Bodywork Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing

The services include those for:

Practicing mindfulness regularly helps enhance neural pathways in the brain, developing peace, calm and focus.

School staff

Children and young people


Educational Psychologists

For Educational Psychology Services, introductory training in mindfulness is offered.

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