A 2 hour session introducing mindfulness

This is an update on the training that I have been doing in different boroughs to introduce staff to mindfulness.  So far, and unsurprisingly as this is an emerging field, the majority have little or no prior experience of mindfulness or other contemplative practices.  Last Tuesday, I ran a 2 hour introductory workshop to a team in Southwark, London.  The participants were engaged well in the practices.  Even though they were unfamiliar to them, they gave it a go and were open and willing to share their experiences in the enquiry part of the activities.  Overall, the feedback was positive and included comments such as “techniques that can be used were well explained” and the “benefits I felt from just ten minutes of this were immense”.   I was especially delighted to read that the “tutor was very engaging”.   It was a pleasure doing the workshop and I look forward to running the next one, a day’s workshop in Lewisham, London in December.   Warm wishes, Bernadette

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