Slow Yoga at the London Buddhist Centre: teaching with a Trauma Sensitive approach.

Since October 2017, I’ve been involved with the Thursday evening team at the London Buddhist Centre. Each Thursday at 6.15pm we meet up, check in with each other and then set things up for the classes: Dynamic Yoga, Slow Yoga and Chi Gung. These classes start at 7.15pm and after that there’s a tea break at 8.15 followed by meditation until 9.30pm.

Some times I teach one of the Slow Yoga classes. This is where I explore a Trauma Sensitive approach in my teaching style.

There’s invitations to explore the postures through choice and responsiveness to the sensations that arise as a result of these choices. It’s a practice of listening to the body with attentive kindness and doing what is nourishing in each moment, moment by moment.

It’s a real joy to be teaching this way, sharing yoga with others in a way that is invitational and liberating.

Warmly, Bernadette

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