Mindfulness Meetups

Eventbrite - Mindfulness Walthamstow: MBSR course, Meetups and Practice Days Sep-Dec 2016

What are Mindfulness Meetups?

Mindfulness Meetups are opportunities to meet up to learn about and practice mindfulness in a group.  They are for any level of experience, whether you are completely new to mindfulness or have some experience or training.  All you need to bring is a sense of gentle curiosity and a willingness to engage in the practices as best as you can.

Each session starts with a welcome, introductions and a short practice, the 3 Minute Breathing Space.  We do 15 minutes of mindful movement and then a longer sitting practice and end with a short “bodyscan”, which can be done lying down.

There are opportunities to share experiences in pairs or the larger group. At the end of the session, there is time to find out about the Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course and the Practice Days for those who have already done the MBSR training.

Eventbrite - Mindfulness Walthamstow: MBSR course, Meetups and Practice Days Sep-Dec 2016

Who is teaching this course?

Dr Bernadette Carelse will be the course facilitator.  She qualitifed to teach meditation and yoga in 2001 and MBSR in 2013. She completed doctoral research on childen’s experiences of mindfulness and runs workshops on mindfulness in the UK.  She adheres to UK Network of Mindfulness Teachers Good Practice Guidelines for teaching mindfulness courses.

How much does it cost to attend?

The Mindfulness Practice Sessions cost £10 in advance and £15 on the evening.  There are discounts for those working in educational settings (£7 in advance) and those on low incomes, including students (£5, advance bookings only).

What is some of the feedback on the Mindful Evenings?

At the end of the session, participants fill in the feedback form focusing on what went well and what they gained from the session.  Here are some of the participants responses:

[I learnt] some new ways of framing/ practising mindfulness.  I really enjoyed some of your descriptions/ analogies (the puppy).”

[The evening] gave me a good idea of what to expect on a mindfulness course.”

I gained a sense of community-reassurance that poeple are struggling with some of the same things as they start their mindfulness journey.”

I learnt about the notion of befriending myself.”

Very helpful.”

Click here for more feedback -that on the session on 12/1/15

[I gained] “sense of peace”, “understanding of the rapidity and quality of thoughts”.

[what went well was] “being aware of every part of my body – appreciation”. “Mind slowed down – relaxation”.

“I liked how it flowed and clock time seemed to be irrelevant for the whole evening. Useful and relaxing approach to body and mind feel more accepting of my mind!”

“Easy atmosphere”. “I would like to do the eight-week course”.

[What I’ve found useful was] “the introduction of movement to keep the mind focused.”

“It was good to concentrate on the breathing.”

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